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How Smart Are You

The year is 3518. You and your crew land on a distant planet where traces of intelligent life have been detected, the first time this has occurred. In the remains of a lost civilization, the technology of nearly forgotten creatures asks you the pivotal question: How Smart Are You? is a work where, in order to get some answers, you'll need to provide some first.

Use the [arrow keys] to move and [spacebar] to interact with objects. In each room is a puzzle or challenge you must complete before moving on to the next room. Answering questions correctly will raise your IQ point gauge and grant you credits to buy hints and power-ups. Answering incorrectly will lower your point gauge. There is no penalty for skipping a room but every set of five rooms you complete will unlock more of the planet's history. Completing all thirty will allow you access to the ruins' inner sanctum.

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