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How Much Time Has Passed

Telling time is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. You need it to relax when you are watching television and you need it when you go to school in the morning. This activity uses digital clocks to work on your time skills. The numbers before the colon represent the hour and the numbers after the colon represent minutes. You need to figure out how much time has passed from the first time to the second time.

Remember that there are two sets of twelve (12) hours in a day. The hour after "12" is "1." You also need to remember that there are sixty (60) minutes in each hour. The minute after "59" is "00." For example, the time from "45" to "15" is thirty (30) minutes. These are random times, so feel free to take the quiz a few times. This quiz tests time amounts in one (1) minute amounts.

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